Christmas wishlist


Când mă intreabă cineva ce îmi doresc de ziua mea sau de Crăciun aproape niciodată nu știu ce să spun on the spot. Așa că anul acesta am zis să formez o listă din timp. Am făcut un fișier pe telefon unde mi-am notat, timp de câteva săptămâni, mai multe idei. Let’s start this Christmas wishlist!

Cu ce aș putea începe lista dacă nu cu niște lecturi de sezon. Acestea sunt alegerile mele: Continuă să citești „Christmas wishlist”

Burberry si prima reclama de Craciun

Azi e 1 noiembrie. Da, mă gândesc că știi deja. Numai dacă nu cumva te-a doborât răceala și patul ți-e cel mai bun companion acum. Oi fi eu captain obvious, but I have a point. Continuă să citești. Vei vedea ca nu e ceva foarte lung. Un soi de update. Având în vedere că nebunia cu Halloween-ul e pe sfârșite și că magazinele încep să … Continuă să citești Burberry si prima reclama de Craciun

Sibiu Christmas Market

PRESS PLAY! Last year we went to Vienna as a pre-Christmas vacation to visit what we didn’t manage to visit the first two times we went there, but also to see the beautiful Christmas markets as the previous two times we went at another time of the year and didn’t manage to experience what was a proper seasonal market with tempting sweets, drinks and … Continuă să citești Sibiu Christmas Market

Christmas adverts

December is upon us and so are all things Christmas, much to the excitement of those who love this season of cheer and magic. From seasonal sweets, drinks, Christmas movies on TV, carols on radio stations and cities covered in fairy lights, everywhere you look the Universe conspires to get that Christmas spirit running through you. I cannot say I do not enjoy all these … Continuă să citești Christmas adverts

10 Gift Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

  image source Choosing gifts can be many times a “risky business” because your inspiration might be running low and maybe you have to buy something for a person you don’t know that well. You can also go into a store and be overwhelmed by choices and don’t know what exactly to choose to also be of some use and not tossed in a corner … Continuă să citești 10 Gift Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Inspiration in the big city

find inspiration in the big city by olga-sia featuring xmas ornaments For me, the third time around, Vienna didn’t really seem that foreign. I mean of course, there are the obvious differences between a truly European developed city capital and a medium sized city such as Cluj-Napoca that slowly takes its steps towards being more like Vienna, for example, being more organized and good looking, cleaner, more … Continuă să citești Inspiration in the big city