Despre procrastinare și cafenele


Negative Space

În ultima perioadă m-am lăsat pe tânjeală cu scuza că trebuie să termin o carte de citit ca să-i fac review pe blog. În situații din-astea capcană tind să ignor alte idei de postări și mi-am dat seama că nu e ok.

Bine, tind și să procrastinez în loc să pun mâna pe tastatură sau pe un pix. Se poate să fie vorba de faptul că mai tot timpul etichetez o idee ca nefiind good enough, dar mai am nevoie de introspecție în legătură cu acest lucru.

În fine, am decis într-o zi să merg la o cafenea unde aș fi forțată de circumstanțe ca să scriu. E drept, am și vrut să văd dacă această combinație e una câștigătoare: scrisul și cafeneaua. M-am înarmat cu hârtie și pix (fără laptop, pentru că e cam greu și nu am un ghiozdan special încă) și am pornit. Idea e că a funcționat schimbarea de mediu, dar poate nu din motivele pe care ți le imaginezi. Sau poate pe care mi le-aș fi imaginat eu. Continuă lectura „Despre procrastinare și cafenele”

March photo update

I set out to do these type of posts (with several pictures) in order to show you more of myself, more than I usually do on social media, in order for you guys to see there is an actual human that works on this blog. I know it can all get a bit impersonal and harder to relate to when there are only lengthy text posts for you to see.

This time I asked a good friend of mine to go out and do some pictures outside as spring is slowly starting to reveal itself. It was tough to find a proper sunny day but, although it wasn’t exactly warm outside, the sight of the sun was reason enough to finally get out and shoot some pics. 

I dressed like I usually dress, did not overdo make-up or hair because I wanted to just be myself.  OK, I guess you can tell I am trying too hard to pose in some of these pics, but I can also tell you can get over that. I’ll try to be more comfortable next time.

We wandered the streets of the city centre and that’s how we found that graffiti you can see below which is very cool looking in the pictures. We walked for about two hours in total and we went also to the park which was very busy given that it was a sunny Sunday.

I guess that’s all for this post. We’ll see where the pictures take us next.

Photos made by Adina Sas.

Let’s chill and chat

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been wanting to “redesign” this little corner of the Internet, which belongs to me and to whomever wants to share it with me, for a long time. Also, I knew I wanted to establish a consistent look, a “brand” if you want to call it that: to have a cool, fun feel consistent throughout and have my own domain. It was really hard to choose a name, but once it was on paper I knew it was the one.

After thinking so much about it, I knew it was time to create one cool banner (or more), but how exactly to make it happen? This is where the talented Cosmin Podar came into picture. I made an album on Pinterest, where I gathered stuff I liked, to give him something to start with, but I also did not want to be extremely specific and impose ideas that might not have worked or might not have been as cool as his ideas. So I told him to draw what he felt like he should draw and I gave feedback along the way. Not surprisingly, I liked what he did from the beginning and there was not much to modify, just minor tweaks to make it all work and come together smoothly on the website as a whole.

In terms of content, you will see that I transferred many of my posts from my previous blog because I still liked them and did not want them to completely vanish from the Internet. Also, I still want to stick to what I did before, but I would also like to add new stuff. We’ll see what inspiration and life delivers. So here you have “Coffee break insights”: a familiar, but also updated version of my previous blog. A place where you can find books and movie recommendations, but also other bits of insights that will be relaxing to read, but also hopefully will be of some use to you.

I am excited of what’s to come. Hope you’ll stick with me for the ride!

My social media is readily available top and bottom of the page and there is a contact page also if you wish to write me a message.

Have a lovely day, you awesome human!