De ce blogging?


Nu mi-au plăcut niciodată situațiile acelea de a fi pusă on the spot, mai ales printre oameni necunoscuți. Când am fost la o întâlnire între bloggeri, recent, am fost puși toți să ne prezentăm, să ne prezentam blogul pe scurt și de ce l-am început. Teroare absolută. Dar faptul că am fost a doua la rând probabil că a ajutat pentru că mintea mea nu a apucat să-și facă/pregătească toate worst case scenarios și posibilitatea să mă autosabotez a scăzut simțitor. Am zis foarte pe scurt ce mi-a venit în minte, cu zâmbetul pe buze și am predat ștafeta mai departe.

Situațiile care presupun spontaneitate nu sunt favoritele mele, însă încerc pe cât posibil să mă concentrez asupra lor și să fac o treabă acceptabilă. Când vine vorba de a descrie blogul mi-e puțin dificil pentru că, deși scriu des despre cărți și filme, blogul nu e doar despre asta. Și vreau să mă orientez cât mai mult de fapt spre ceea ce blogul este pe lângă recenzii de filme și carte. Am articole cu gânduri, opinii sau lucruri care îmi plac și mă inspiră și spre acestea vreau să înclin balanța. Continuă lectura „De ce blogging?”

Let’s chill and chat

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been wanting to “redesign” this little corner of the Internet, which belongs to me and to whomever wants to share it with me, for a long time. Also, I knew I wanted to establish a consistent look, a “brand” if you want to call it that: to have a cool, fun feel consistent throughout and have my own domain. It was really hard to choose a name, but once it was on paper I knew it was the one.

After thinking so much about it, I knew it was time to create one cool banner (or more), but how exactly to make it happen? This is where the talented Cosmin Podar came into picture. I made an album on Pinterest, where I gathered stuff I liked, to give him something to start with, but I also did not want to be extremely specific and impose ideas that might not have worked or might not have been as cool as his ideas. So I told him to draw what he felt like he should draw and I gave feedback along the way. Not surprisingly, I liked what he did from the beginning and there was not much to modify, just minor tweaks to make it all work and come together smoothly on the website as a whole.

In terms of content, you will see that I transferred many of my posts from my previous blog because I still liked them and did not want them to completely vanish from the Internet. Also, I still want to stick to what I did before, but I would also like to add new stuff. We’ll see what inspiration and life delivers. So here you have “Coffee break insights”: a familiar, but also updated version of my previous blog. A place where you can find books and movie recommendations, but also other bits of insights that will be relaxing to read, but also hopefully will be of some use to you.

I am excited of what’s to come. Hope you’ll stick with me for the ride!

My social media is readily available top and bottom of the page and there is a contact page also if you wish to write me a message.

Have a lovely day, you awesome human!

Where to find blog post inspiration?

Where to find blog post inspiration? 5 helpful ideas.

Since the holidays barely passed and not much
happened for me, except sitting at home and watching movies, I don’t really have
any idea for a specific blog post. So, I thought what else would be appropriate to
write about considering this situation. I decided to tell you guys, who are
in need of this or will be at some time, where I get inspiration from or what I
try doing to find ideas for writing on my blog.

1. Magazines
or newspapers

The most at hand thing for me is reading
through old magazines or newspapers and see if something clicks. Maybe it’s a
fashion or design article that will be the basis for a DIY project or an article with your opinion on the latest fashion trends. Also, you might want to offer your own perspective
on a story that was popular. Maybe you have some insight to offer based on your
studies or life experience.



2. Rewatching a favourite movie, TV series or a new ones

Watching movies is one of my favourite things to do. I began watching more indie movies because I found some stories to be widening my perspective on things. Also, it is a very relaxing activity and you never know what scene or character or line could spark the inspiration flame and get you writing. I wrote one blog post after rewatching an episode of “The Newsroom” (which is one of my favourite TV shows) and now that is one of my popular posts.



3. Browsing
through an ideas list

Choose Google or Pinterest. Either one. You will
find lots of lists with potential blog post ideas. Like the one below. They will surely help you
plan at least 3 posts.


image+the 50 things link

4. Your
most read blog posts

Go to your blog statistics and see which posts
are your most read ones. Maybe you can do a follow up or an update. Take a new
perspective on things.



5. Listening
to nature or environmental sounds

For me sounds are very important when writing. Some
help a lot with concentration and help me write fast. Are you one of those
people who get ideas when in bed trying to sleep or when showering? Try listening
to sounds or the music you know really relaxes you. For me


does the job.
You can choose a specific sound, or combine sounds or choose a certain
combination pre-made by the website to get you inspired and help you focus on
your task.



Was this helpful for you? Where do you find your inspiration for writing?