„Moody, poetic and incredibly affecting.” -Paper Magazine I’m literally struggling with writing about this movie because for two days I’ve been sitting (well not only sitting, I’ve been doing other things too) and thinking about this movie. I’m not sure if I should even call it a movie or if other movies are movies compared to this. Because this is pure art and everything else … Continuă să citești Melancholia

the new girl is adorkable

  Funny and charming Zooey Deschanel does yet another great job on a new tv series called „New Girl”. I watched the Pilot obviously because of her and because I loved, love and will always love „500 days of Summer”. Not 2 minutes passed and I was already laughing. Which is a good sign because the script is well written, with very good humor. She’s … Continuă să citești the new girl is adorkable

not your usual dramatic love story

  So…last night I saw Never let me go. I’m not fully recovered yet. And I’ll tell you why. Firstly because I obviously thought it was some kind of a dramatic love story and nothing more. As you can see in the movie, its title comes from a song on an American cassette tape called ”Songs After Dark” by fictional singer Judy Bridgewater. This song … Continuă să citești not your usual dramatic love story

„what’s the story?”

A simple, funny, inspirational (for me) movie, good to see at trying times, cand simti ca obstacolele care iti stau in calea viselor sunt prea dificil de depasit. Asadar asta seara a fost randul filmului “Morning Glory”. Initial nu voiam sa merg deoarece vazusem trailerul cu ceva timp in urma si nu imi prea starnise interesul. Sincer am fost acolo deoarece m-a invins pofta pentru … Continuă să citești „what’s the story?”