We all have secrets

   It was indeed amazing. I saw Andrew Garfield previously in the „Social Network” and in „Never let me go” but he never stood out to me as he did in this movie. I think he did a great job with the acting. I was pretty impressed how well this part suited him and how believable was his acting. Although I was shocked to see that he is 29 years old he managed to get really well in the skin of the awkward 17 year old adolescent. 

   You can definetly see an evolution of the character throughout the movie, from the beginning when he was more introvert and lacked self esteem and then after the transformation into Spider-man, and because of the strength he got, he became more confident and brave. That spider bite was the push he needed to become what he really was meant to be. A true hero, although pretty modest.

   I heard a lot of people saying „Why another Spider-man, why they want to redo the same thing they did not so many years ago?”. Well let me tell you that it’s not the same thing. In this one we are shown how Peter got to live with his uncle and aunt and we are given information about what his father did and what was his work about. It just so happens that his father’s partner in research is the villain from this movie. One of the movie’s cliffhangers is that we still don’t know where Peter’s father and mother disappeared when he was little, but I guess that will be sorted out in the next two movies. Another difference is his love interest who is not Mary Jane Watson but Gwen Stacy. So the main story is kind of the same, but in a totally another context which worked for me because it made the movie more interesting to watch.

   The chemistry between Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-man) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) is more than obvious. The scenes the two shared together were very lovely, their acting being very authentic, so you cand imagine how great they were together fighting against the villain.

   I watched and liked the other three Spider-man movies too but this one is my favourite. It felt more real to me, Andrew Garfield is a better choice for Spider-man and he did a great job with the character making it his own. Tobey Maguire was good too, but somehow I like Andrew Garfield better. Maybe I should rewatch the other three movies and then make a more pertinent comparison. It’s not such a bad idea.

   Also the 3D was amazing. It’s a must that you sit in the rows more close to the screen so you can experience it as it was intended because it’s really awesome.

   The movie had an open end so there will be a second movie. I read that it will also be a trilogy so that is great news. I am excited to see how they come out, and of course see again the Andrew Garfield- Emma Stone amazing duo.

   Go see the movie till it’s still in theaters so you can also experience the amazing 3D.

The trailer:

A cool Coldplay track from the movie: 


Bad day confession

Source of the image + an interesting article about how to make your bad day a better day

   I’m sure you had at least two or three days when everyone makes you like an angry bird. You’re a one colored ball of fury and all you want to do is hit and kill your „enemies” from that level. Almost everything goes the wrong way and you have a very shitty mood because of all this. Well this was my day. Until now at least (see? a hint of optimism. I don’t know where that got out from). 

   What do I do on this kind of days? Well, obviously first I ask: why me? what the hell is wrong with this day? why does almost everyone do their best to piss me off? Why is everything so against me today? And then I realized that it is friday the 13th. I am not a superstitious person. I never pay attention to unlucky days, black cats, stairs, spilt salt and whatever there is. That’s why I really did not start my day by being terrified that it is friday 13th. But then, when I found out, finally I had my explanation to calm myself down a little. The planets and stars were to be blamed for my shitty day. It’s a nice comfort to find – And of course I’m being ironic. Just in case you made a frown.

   But is it really true? From now on should I pay more attention to unlucky days and bad dreams? Seems like this superstition is catching on to me. I do hope things won’t get worse cause then I’m sure I’ll end my day with a meltdown and being sorry for myself. The worse tends to get out of me in the sense that I really tend to blame myself later and make lots of negative evaluations about myself and cannot find one good thing about me to make me feel better. I know this is not good and that these exact thoughts are at the core of my bad mood right now, because lately it became more natural to me to analyze my reactions because of my training as a psychologist. CBT screams out of my brain at me.

   So I figure better get home as fast as I can, stay in my room and try to get my mind of it. Try to find my peaceful oasis. Then I listen to my favourite music. Obviously, the melancholic kind. Sink a little into the sea of self pity and then find my way back to the surface and to better feelings. And then I write on my blog.

In the end, two songs that go very well with this kind of day:

BTW, Easy A is an awesome movie. You should check it out. And I knew this song before it was engraved on my brain by lovely Emma Stone. From another movie, obviously. The Ugly Truth I guess 😕

Have a nice weekend! I hope for one too.

TIFF cu voluntariat m-o hranit

     Voluntariat la TIFF am vrut sa fac de cativa ani. Dar tot timpul mi s-a suprapus fie cu BAC, fie cu sesiune, fie licenta. Cert e ca nici cum nu apucam sa ma inscriu. Insa anul acesta, de mult ce mi-am dorit sa fiu implicata in marele eveniment, am reusit sa aflu destul de devreme de pe facebook ca se faceau inscrieri. “Yeeeeey!” I thought. Am zis ca nici cum nu pot rata experienta asta. De cativa ani incoace am tot ajuns la gale de deschidere, dar nu am prins mai mult de atat in cadrul TIFF-ului si aveam o oarecare curiozitate ce se mai intampla pe langa proiectiile de filme. Aveam speranta ca va fi o experienta misto de trait si nu m-am inselat, desi a fost cu emotii initial si cu putina dezamagire.

     Am fost la interviu si in doua saptamani am primit raspuns cum ca nu mai sunt locuri si daca se va elibera ceva voi fi anuntata. Sincer am fost cam dezamagita ma gandeam ca nu mai am nici o sansa anul asta. Am fost cam suparata si pe cand incepeam sa ma acomodez cu idea ca am ratat ocazia asta si poate voi reincerca la anul, am fost anuntata ca s-au eliberat niste locuri si daca vreau sa intru in echipa. Cand mi s-a prezentat despre ce department era vorba sincer nu am fost prea entuziasmata, dar mi-am propus sa nu ratez totusi ocazia. Am avut in loc in departamentul de Merchandising si anume m-am ocupat de vanzarea produselor promotionale TIFF si anume tricouri, pixuri, carnetele, magneti, afise etc. In curand ar trebui sa se deschida si un TIFF shop online.

     In prima zi de festival am aflat ca totusi voi fi voluntar si in a doua zi deja am intrat in actiune incepand cu impaturirea de tricouri si distribuirea de produse prin locatiile principale ale festivalului. A fost multa umblatura, dar am cunoscut oameni noi si simpatici. In a treia zi, aflu ca impreuna cu un coleg vom face poze cu produsele promotionale, cu tricourile si hanoracele. A fost destul de interesant, avand in vedere ca eu sunt mai timida si mi-am cam iesit din comfort zone. In the end, a fost fun si m-am vazut si in celebrul APERITIFF. Si mai fun a fost cand am aflat ca a trebuit sa refacem pozele, insa de data asta tricourile se inmultisera.

     In zilele urmatoare am fost la shop-ul din cinema Florin Piersic si Piata Unirii unde o ploaia torentiala aproape ne-a luat cortul pe sus :)) Am interactionat cu multa lume noua si de alta nationalitate. Cel mai interesant si mai obositor a fost in a 6-a zi de festivalcand am fost la shop-ul de la Casa TIFF. Fluxul de persoane a fost semnificativ mai mare, avand in vedere ca era locul de intalnire al invitatilor si era, si inca este, o terasa si se tin si proiectii. Am vazut multa lume faimoasa si la fel am interactionat cu persoane de diferite nationalitati. Ultima zi am fost tot la cinema Piersic unde am avut o experienta tot out of my comfort zone. Au venit niste fete de la TIFF TV si m-au infectat cu febra TIFFoida, nu ca n-as fi fost deja infectata.

     Desi zilele au fost destul de obositoare si nu am apucat sa merg la nici un film pentru ca m-am impartit intre scoala si turele de voluntariat, a fost o experienta foarte faina, plina de lucruri noi, mi-a folosit foarte bine si ca dezvoltare personala si sunt multumita ca am cunoscut si interactionat cu lume faina. In final cam asta a si fost scopul meu.

Mai jos niste poze pe care le-am facut:

Sacosa TIFF

Ochelarii HBO
pe care mi i-am dorit foaaaaaaaaaaarte tare cand i-am vazut la Casa TIFF la
niste voluntari si eram tare invidioasa pe ei ca au primit asa ceva si eu nu :))
si surpriza mare a fost cand am mers dupa diploma si am primit si eu. Yeeey  😀 wish granted. Si nu, contrat asteptarilor, nu vad HBO in fata ochilor :))

Feel free to comment!

„Friends with kids”

Saptamana trecuta s-au tinut la Carturesti o serie de discutii pe diferite teme in cadrul saptamanii PSI organizata impreuna cu editura Trei (la care puteti gasi multe carti bune pe teme de psihologie daca va intereseaza subiectul). Intr-una din zile tema discutiei a fost legata de divort. Mai exact cum afecteaza acesta copiii. Am auzit de multe ori ca 50% la suta dintre casatorii se termina in divort. Nu stiu cat e de reala aceasta statistica, dar oricum te pune pe ganduri. In primul rand, iti iei ceva mai mult timp ca sa te gandesti daca persoana de langa tine este persoana alaturi de care vrei sa iti petreci restul zilelor. Mai apoi, daca vrei sa ai un copil. Si, de obicei, asa se si intampla. Cunosti pe cineva, te casatoresti si apoi faci un copil. In momentele dificile te stradui sa faci cat mai multe pentru ca relatia sa reziste. De multe ori, chiar daca doua persoane nu se mai inteleg, aleg sa faca un compromis si raman impreuna doar de dragul copilului nedorind sa-l supuna unui divort care poate fi un proces indelungat si consumator din punct de vedere psihologic si nu numai. Asa ca in fata unei eventuale despartiri se pune problema cum sa se faca pentru ca acel copil sa fie cat mai putin afectat de decizie. Astfel de decizii sunt tricky pentru majoritatea pentru ca e greu sa gasesti cuvintele potrivite pentru a explica acelui copil situatia si motivele pentru care s-a luat acea decizie.

`        Cumulte dintre aceste probleme se confrunta si personajele din filmul “Friends with kids”. Ce m-a atras a fost ca este vorba despre un altfel de “aranjament”. De obicei in filme un el si o ea se cunosc, se curteaza pana la un punct in care intervine ceva si se cearta, apoi iar se impaca si la final se casatoresc and so on. In acest film ni se prezinta doua cupluri casatorite si cu copii si doi prieteni foarte buni care isi impartasesc problemele si experientele. Observand haosul din casa celorlalte doua cupluri cu copii si cat de des se cearta, ce se gandesc ei? Au o anumita varsta, the one nu a aparut, amandoi isi doresc mult un copil asa ca se inteleg sa aiba unul impreuna si sa-si imparta in mod egal atributiile. Intre Jason (Adam Scott) si Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) totul decurge bine, desi celelalte doua cupluri nu au fost deloc increzatoare cand acestia si-au prezentat planurile. Acum sunt foarte surprinse sa vada cat de bine decurge acest aranjament intre cei doi. Insa, bineinteles ca o asemenea legatura da nastere unor sentimente mai profunde, Julie chiar declarandu-si iubirea pentru Jason la un moment dat la filmului spunandu-i ca doar el si cu bebelusul Joe sunt familia ei.

Ceea ce mi-a placut foarte mult e cum a fost construita relatia intre cele doua personaje principale, de asemenea si evolutia celorlalte doua cupluri casatorite foarte diferite. Au reusit, astfel, sa suprinda o diversitate de probleme in ceea ce priveste cuplurile casatorite.

In ziua de azi conceptul de familie capata noi sensuri. Cuplurile care au dificultati in a avea copii au in ziua de azi oportunitatea de a-i avea datorita avansului tehnologiei. De asemenea, incep sa fie legiferate si casatoriile intre persoane de acelasi sex, la fel si adoptia fiind posibila in cazul lor.

Asadar de ce nu ar fi o optiune si situatia prezentata in acest film?

Mi s-a parut si foarte pertinent filmul si pentru ca vazand trailerul ma asteptam oarecum la o comedie romantica simpatica, insa filmul se dovedeste a fi o drama bine scrisa, desi are un final oarecum cliseic. E un film pentru publicul larg, dar ceva mai lipisit de prejudecati. La fel ca si mie si oamenilor din sala le-a placut si au ras la scenele presarate cu umor. Poate ca totusi parerileau fost impartite, dar am auzit persoane verbalizandu-si entuziasmul la iesirea din sala.

O lectie foarte importanta, cred, pe care filmul o transmite, e ca in persoana iubita e esential sa se regaseasca si cel mai bun prieten care e alaturi de tine no matter what, cu atat mai mult cand lucrurile iau o turnura nedorita. Pentru ca atunci cand totul merge bine toti vor sa-ti fie alaturi. Situatiile dificile sunt cele care pun relatiile la incercare si le fortifica. Una dintre scenele simpatice a fost cea in care Jason vorbeste cu prietenul lui despre posibilitatea unei relatii cu Julie si spune la un moment ca e foarte ciudat, ca nu se poate imagina intr-o relatie cu ea. Ii e prea familiara, e ca si cum ar fi un membru de-al lui. La care prietenul ii raspunde what’s wrong with that?

Pe afisul filmului ti se propune sa alegi doua dintre cele trei variante oferite de ei. Nu e ca si cum nu le-ai putea avea pe toate trei, insa e interesanta propunerea si ca sa intelegi si mai bine idea filmului incerca sa te pui in situatia in care le-ai avea doar pe 2 dintre ele.

Si trailerul pe final, daca v-am facut curiosi

„Shame”. Start spreading the news

„We’re not bad people. We just come from a bad place.”

   Acest film doream sa-l vad de ceva vreme si chiar asteptam sa apara in cinematograf. Insa nu a fost sa fie si am asteptat sa apara in alte conditii. Motivul pentru care voiam sa-l vad a fost, in primul rand, Carey Mulligan (An Education, Never let me go, Wall Street), apoi mi-au hranit curiozitatea si criticile pozitive, iar pe urma a fost pasiunea pe care o am mai nou pentru dramele cu substanta care reusesc sa faca de rusine blockbusterele din cinematografe oricat de spectaculoase ar fi ele. Contrastul dintre aceste doua categorii e destul de mare si nu stiu daca e neaparat corect sa le compar, dar multe filme absolut palesc si imi scade tot mai mult interesul de a plati biletul pentru ele daca nu au si o poveste care sa merita si actori care sa o valorifice. Si da, Shame e filmul in care Carey Mulligan apare dezbracata (am dezbatut aici dilema mea). Atat ea cat si Michael Fassbender. Insa, scenele sunt intr-o asa maniera realizate incat nu emana prost gust, desi sunt foarte revelatoare, ci mai degraba par a fi ceva natural avand in vedere subiectul filmului si drama ilustrata de el.

   „Shame” mi s-a parut un film destul de minimalist in sensul ca era foarte subtil si trebuie sa recunosc ca am fost foarte reticenta la inceput. E foarte ofertant din punct de vedere vizual in ceea ce priveste „rutina”, comportamentul lui Brandon care e personajul principal (Michael Fassbender), acest comportament fiind printre punctele de focus ale acestui film. Asadar, se revela acest personaj actiune dupa actiune, zi dupa zi. E la latitudinea ta ce faci mai apoi. Ce vreau sa accentuez e ca e foarte usor sa pui o anumita eticheta pe acest personaj. E o capcana bine intinsa. Esti empatic si intelegator sau neiertator si judeci?

   Insa aceasta „rutina”, acest echilibru fragil al lui Brandon se rupe odata cu aparitia surorii lui, Sissy (Carey Mulligan), o cantareata foarte talentata. Nu am mai auzit pe Carey cantand, dar m-a surprins in mod placut, vocea ei modelandu-se foarte bine pe varianta mai lenta a celebrei melodii „New York, New York”.

  Treptat activitatile lui Brandon nu se mai desfasoara conform asteptarilor lui si emotiile negative se intensifica pe masura ce sora lui ii patrunde in intimitatea bine pazita. Sissy e un personaj la fel de distructiv si vulnerabil ca si Brandon, ambii fiind victime ale unui trecut sugerat a fi abuziv. Desi comportamentul lor e usor de judecat si condamnat, pe masura ce filmul avanseaza si personajele se revela emotional, actorii intrandu-si foarte bine in rol, reusesti sa le intelegi drama si daca lasi prejudecatile deoparte poti chiar sa empatizezi cu ei.

   Povesteam cu un prieten si eram amandoi de acord ca desi filmul e lent si are destule scene cu nuditate si nu numai, totusi simti ca e ceva acolo si nu e doar o simpla expunere a unor comportamente condamnate de societate. Eu zic ca e un film care merita sa intre pe lista „de vazut” atat pentru performantele subiectilor, pentru subiect cat si pentru testarea personala : reusesti sa renunti la prejudecati si sa apreciezi acest film sau il vei privi la modul superficial?

Pe final si melodia despre care povesteam mai sus :


Book(s) recommendation. Cecelia Ahern

“Ever wondered where lost things go?” – “A place
called Here”

   Often it is frustrating not finding things,
especially when you really need them, but I always thought that I have just put
them somewhere and forgot where because I didn’t pay too much attention. I also
thought, still think and also experience prove to me so, that that thing is
always in the last place you think about finding it and that also you will find
it when you least expect it. That lost thing is somewhere near you, not really
lost, just misplaced.

   But the story I’m about to tell you about has
another theory. It seems that there is a place where lost things go. Everything
from clothes, memories, smells, sounds to people and everything else you could
think of. This is a place where lost people make a new life by finding lost
stuff. They have a different lifestyle as there is no money and no place for
advanced technology. They don’t work for money as it has no value there. They only
work for themselves and to help the community. Interesting lifestyle, right?

   The lead character, who is Sandy Shortt, has a “passion”
for finding things that she lost since she was a child so, as an adult, she
specialized in finding people.To be more exact she runs a missing persons agency.
As she was doing her job looking for someone, she found herself in the special
place called Here where all the lost things go.

   And I’m stopping here from talking about the subject
because I don’t want to give too much away. If I made you curious give it a go
and read the book.

   It’s not the first book by Cecelia Ahern that I
read and enjoy because it’s catchy and charming. The first one I read was “P.S.
I love you“, which I think is better than the movie, but I don’t mean to say I
haven’t enjoyed the movie. It was also lovely and Hillary Swank and Gerard
Butler did a great job portraying Holly and Gerry. Second I read “Where
rainbows end” which is also a love story but not as good as “P.S. I love you”.
Then I think it was “If you could see me now” and “The gift” which I both loved
and recommend to you.

   Next I want to finish “Thanks for the memories”
and then read whatever book written by Cecelia comes to hand because they put a
smile on my face, stimulate my imagination and feed my hunger for easy to read
love and life stories that are sprinkled with magic and hope which are always

   For more
information about Cecelia and her books you can visit her official website :


   And as a bonus a great song from the movie P.S. I love you : 


Three is a party.

One of my guilty pleasures are TV series, mainly from the US. They are either dramas, science fiction or comedies. However, I feel more connected to the dramas. The stories have more depth, the characters are more complex.

It all started with “The O.C.” which I watched on TV and then followed the addictive “Prison Break” which was recommended to me by a friend. Thinking back many have good lead characters but few have really amazing and intriguing ones. This post will be about three of my favourite leads from three of my favourite tv series. The actors in question are Hugh Laurie, Tim Roth and Simon Baker. If this doesn’t ring a bell then the titles of the series they play in may do the trick: “House M.D.”, “Lie to me”, “The Mentalist”. Of course I’m talking about Gregory House, Cal Lightman and Patrick Jane. How about now?

These men each with their genius, make themselves known if not by being the best at what they do, then through their craziness and passion for solving puzzles and not obeying the rules.

I don’t want to make an extensive biography of each of them, because you can find that on google. Instead I would like to point out why I miss Lightman (“Lie to me” ended last year), why I will miss House (it is at it’s last season) and why I will keep watching Jane (“The mentalist” is at it’s 4th season).

It’s been a while since I saw “Lie to me” but I still remember how great a character was Cal Lightman. The great expert in microexpressions and body language, helping fight crime by spotting liars with his vast knowledge based on science and less on educated guesses. He had his way of “reading” people, fixing them with a look that almost burned. His character definetely made me want to know more about the subject. That is an ability that would come in handy when asking people their opinion about yourself. So yes, I miss “learning” from a funny and witty character what to look for when wanting to know if someone lies and also enjoying his nonconformist procedures in doing so.

House is by far my favourite character of all and I’ll miss him for many more reasons that are not really linked to its job but to the way the character is. I’ll miss those moments when he plays games and tricks Wilson, those moments near the end of an episode when he is out of diagnostic ideas, goes to Wilson to discuss an entirely different thing and he suddenly figures out the diagnostic leaving Wilson a little confused. Also those moments when he lets his guard down and he no longer refuses to deny his unhappines. His way of “reading” people and being offensively honest but still realistic. He almost always lacks diplomacy, but not rationality.

Patrick Jane is another great TV character who joins the noble cause of fighting crime in a way similar to Lightman’s. With his wits and charm he manages to solve succesfully all cases asigned to the team to which he is a consultant at the CBI. As House, he seems to lack empathy towards the victims sometimes and also has a passion for breaking the rules. Jane is a mentalist. He is a fine observer, he also “reads” people and uses manipulation and deception and, when allowed (or not), hypnosis to solve the cases. I like how he seems to stay positive and focused on his goals. I also like his ability to get under many peoples’ skin to get the information he needs. He manages really good to hide what he feels, only few people really manage to get a read on him through the series. Jane is a resourcefull person and has extensive knowledge about lots of things, which is impressive everytime he reveals it.

I find them very similar and interesting and that’s why I thought of making this post about them. I don’t know if I made justice to this great characters, but what I do hope is that maybe I made you curious about this series and great actors if you don’t already know about them and admire them just like me.

As a bonus here are the awesome songs that open „House M.D.” and „Lie to me”.